Samplaí de Theistiméireachtaí ó chruinniú de chnuasach scoileanna (6 scoil) lonnaithe i mBunscoil Chnoc Rátha, Contae Chorcaí, 24 Bealtaine 2017

‘I really liked this programme. I feel it is very unique in its approach. I like the format of it to begin with in terms of colour, layout and content. I really like the fact that it taps into the individuality of the child and their creative side. It enables the child to be a leader in terms of the activities to be covered and for the teacher to be in the background. I like that aspect of it because it is important for the teacher at times to step back and let the child off. Let them be an owner of their learning. Well done to you on a wonderful initiative. I would certainly use it and recommend it’

‘…a lovely way to show that everyone learns differently and gives pupil ownership over their learning’

‘I love the idea of this programme and I think it’s immensely useful. I absolutely love the artwork and the colours. A truly valuable resource’

‘I really like the idea of this. I think children will need to be trained into the idea of answering honestly and not what the teacher wants. I think the impact on mental health is underestimated. I think it will be fantastic for self-awareness and a positive attitude to learning and school. Fantastic idea! Dying to see Junior Infant one..’

‘I love the concept of My Learner ID and allowing the child the opportunity to have a voice in their learning experiences. I could absolutely see how this could be implemented in schools’

‘I think the books are beautiful and well-thought through. It would help children become self-aware of their learning strategies, insights and strengths. I think learners would become more responsible for their learning if they knew how they learned. This does that. Very impressive’.